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The Technical College of Economics and Technology- Ecotex College  has been established since 2008 and expanded the additional training location in Ha Dong District, Hanoi Capital, Vietnam.

Currently, the College has got two main training institutions:

Training facility No.1 :

Located at km31+800 on National Highway 1A, Minh Cuong – Thuong Tin, Hanoi City. The campus covers an area of approx. 3 hectares, with functional buildings serving for teaching and high-tech practical activities of students. In addition, the college has also constructed an administrative building, a lecture hall area, a housing area for faculty members, a dormitory area, and a cafeteria for students within the campus.

Training facility No. 2 :

Located at No. L28, M02- Zone A – Duong Noi New urban area, Duong Noi Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi Capital.

The infrastructure is fully equipped, and meets the regulations on ensuring the quality of vocational education.

The Ecotex College aims to train high-quality human resources to meet the practical needs of domestic and foreign enterprises.


+ Building and developing the Ecotex College into a synchronous, modern school, according to national standards and meeting international training standards, implementing multilevel, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training, ensuring sufficient capacity to meet the needs of training and developing human resources for the country and the region.

+ Improving the quality and effectiveness of training by updating and applying scientific, technical and technological achievements, serving the development needs of society.

+ Expanding the capacity to supply human resources for domestic and foreign companies and enterprises.

+ Promoting cooperation with domestic and foreign training organizations, exchange of scientific information, training programs, lecturers to integrate with countries in the region and in the world in the field of Education and Training.


+The college aspires to become a national standard vocational school and a high-skilled workforce provider for domestic and foreign enterprises.

+ Constantly developing and transferring technologies, innovating training programs, and improving the quality of teaching and learning to train a workforce that aligns with the societal development.

These above visions are also our slogan of Ecotex: A better skillful-creative-independent technician.


+ Training human resources at various levels, such as colleges, intermediate levels, basic levels, and short-term training, as well as providing language skills and soft skills to meet the labor needs of domestic and international corporations.

+ Equipping learners with practical skills that correspond to their educational level, good health, professional ethics, organizational discipline, and industriousness, provide opportunities for learner to find employment, create their own jobs, or continue their education at a higher level, in line with the labor market requirements.

+ Additionally, the Ecotex focuses on building a highly qualified faculty with professional ethics and high-level expertise who are dedicated to the institution and continuously update and enhance their teaching skills to meet the demands of each stage.

+ Investing in infrastructure, expand training facilities, and provide necessary equipment to meet the high-quality training demands.

+ Establishing comprehensive and effective cooperation with international universities, organizations, and domestic and international enterprises to improve the quality of education and address the labor needs of society.

+ To achieve these above objectives, the college has engaged in joint ventures and partnerships with universities, colleges, educational institutions, industrial parks, and global corporations to provide training and labor supply.


Currently, the Ecotex College has given focusing in two main fields: Economics and Engineering, with various training programs ranging from short-term courses, Basic level, Intermediate level, and College, as well as integrated programs with domestic and international universities.

Coming to the Ecotex College you will be learning in an environment that emphasizes practical experience and exposure, practicing at large manufacturing enterprises and big co-operations such as ; Vinacomin Vietnam Coal and Mineral Group: Cao Son Coal Joint Stock Company,  Nui Be Coal Joint Stock Company, Ha Lam Coal Joint Stock Company,  Tay Nam Da Mai Coal Joint Stock Company, Na Duong Coal Joint Stock Company, Khanh Hoa Coal Joint Stock Company… and units under the Corporation Mineral – Vinacomin: Department of Logistics – Ministry of Public Security; SAILUN Vietnam Group. At the same time, you will be directly taught by lecturers and high-level workers with professional experience and enthusiasm from major universities at home and abroad.