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What is accounting?

Accounting is the work of recording, receiving, processing and providing information about the financial performance of an organization, an enterprise, a state agency, a private business establishment.. This is an important part in the field of economic management. From management at the scope of each unit, agency, enterprise to management at the whole economy.


What is the Accounting major?

Accounting students will be provided with knowledge about the legal framework of auditing accounting, the system of Vietnamese accounting standards and international accounting standards; regulations on professional ethics of accounting and auditing; Knowledge of collecting, processing, examining and providing information on financial situation, business performance through accounting operations: fee calculation, estimation, budget allocation, management Revenue management follows the business plans of the enterprise.

In addition to the background knowledge, in general, accounting students are also equipped with other skills such as communication skills, planning skills, time management skills, etc.

Subjects that serve the profession effectively: Introduction to monetary and financial statements, Accounting principles, Computer applications in business, Financial statement analysis, Financial statement preparation and presentation, Taxation, Accounting accounting for securities companies, etc. Students will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills and maximize the qualities that a good accountant needs to possess. This is the leading competitive advantage that helps students easily access attractive jobs, become more prominent in today’s deeply integrated international economy.

What do you do after studying Accounting?

Accounting is considered an effective management tool for finance at micro and macro levels, it is present in all fields of production and business to insurance, banking, from state financial management agencies, businesses to NGOs. Therefore, the demand for human resources in this industry is always high and stable in society.

Accounting students have a wide range of attractive employment options. Upon graduation, you can take up positions such as:

– Specialist in charge of accounting, auditing, banking transactions, tax, controller, treasurer, financial consultant, financial reporting;

– Stock brokers, project managers, transaction office staff and treasury staff;

– Have the opportunity to develop into Chief Accountant, Head of Accounting Department, Financial Management;

– Researcher, Lecturer, Economic Inspector…