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Beverage and beverage service industry

1. Professional knowledge:

+ Presenting the roles and responsibilities of the Beverage Department in the operation of independent bars, restaurants and hotels;
+ List job positions in the Beverage Department;
+ Describe the roles and responsibilities of service staff to prepare drinks;
+ Describe basic business processes in the Beverage Department;
+ List the types of equipment and tools used at the Beverage Department and their uses;
+ Classify and describe alcoholic beverages: characteristics, properties, ingredients, production methods and principles of preparation and
+ Classify and describe non-alcoholic beverages: Characteristics, properties and principles of preparation and serving;
+ Describe the types of bars and present the business characteristics of each type;
+ Present the principles of ensuring security and safety, explain the reasons for complying with the regulations on security and safety in the restaurant in general and the Beverage division in particular to identify risks and precautions;
+ Explain the principles of human resource management, service quality management in the beverage preparation department;
+ Describe the rules and regulations of the beverage preparation department.

2. Professional skills:

+ Able to communicate with customers in Vietnamese and English, in line with customer service requirements at the Beverage Department;
+ Correct and safe use of bar equipment and tools;
+ Arrange bar equipment and tools in a reasonable, neat, convenient and safe way for work;
+ Arrange and display drinks and ingredients in groups;
+ Prepare and serve non-alcoholic beverages according to technical and artistic standards;
+ Classification and identification of spirits through color and taste;
+ Mixing and serving alcoholic beverages according to the correct quantity, ensuring technical and artistic standards;
+ Implement the process of preparing and serving drinks to guests according to standards, ensuring safety;
+ Implement the process of cleaning and maintaining all kinds of equipment and tools in accordance with technical standards;
+ Use ingredients for preparation rationally and economically;
+ Solve problems arising in the process of preparing and serving customers;
+ Supervising the standards and processes of preparation and serving;
+ Administrative and human resource management of the Beverage Department;
+ Manage beverage preparation equipment;
+ Manage supplies and goods of the Beverage Department;
+ Monitor and manage the quality standards of the Beverage Department.

3. Job opportunities

After graduating from the Vocational College of Beverage Engineering, students will work in different positions at the bartending department in hotels, restaurants and bars such as: bartender , bartender, supervisor of the bartending department in the restaurant, the position of assistant head of the bartending department in bars, the position of the head of the bartending department in the guests. hotels, restaurants and bars. Able to work as manager, supervisor, head of bartending in independent bars. Capable of running an independent bar business.
Working as a teacher for elementary classes and teaching practice for elementary and intermediate classes in beverage preparation in hotel vocational schools.