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Business administration

What is Business Administration?

Business Administration is an integrated discipline that includes many basic subjects of “administration” and “business”. In other words, when you register for this industry, you will be fully trained with basic knowledge in the economic sector such as finance, accounting, human resources to business and marketing strategies. In parallel with the above knowledge, thinking systems, leadership skills and management models to maximize work performance are also indispensable subjects of this special major.

What do you do after studying Business Administration?

It can be said that those who study business administration are born with the ability to be “leaders” because this industry will help you paint a comprehensive picture of the activities of the business or company.

However, in addition to CEOs, large corporations and enterprises also have CFOs (financial directors), CMOs (marketing directors), CCOs (sales directors)…. Similarly, under the director, there are many management levels such as department head, team leader, etc. All of them specialize in a specific field. Therefore, right from the third year of university, you should carefully choose the direction you want to go.

In the process of choosing majors as well as locating the future, many candidates and students still do not understand clearly  “What job do you do after studying business administration?”. For Business Administration majors after graduation, you will work in fields such as human resource management, financial management, production management, marketing management, supply chain management, etc.

Or more specifically the positions: specialists in the sales department, planning department, marketing department, support department – customer transactions of companies, corporations in finance, securities, promotion to become CEOs, CFOs at corporations and companies, established and operated their own companies, became lecturers in business administration for universities, colleges or intermediate schools.

Some professions are suitable for business administration people to start work after graduating from school

No one who has just graduated from school can suddenly become a manager but requires intense “real combat” experience through many projects. Therefore, “what to do in business administration” after graduation is always the top concern of most students.

As a specific industry that helps students to fully equip themselves with the necessary knowledge right from school, after graduation, business management students have the ability to adapt quickly and choose flexible careers in many fields of business. related economy. Some common starting jobs of business administration students are:

– Specialist in charge of administrative and personnel affairs; business; marketing at service and manufacturing companies

– Expert in strategy building, market development and finding partners at import-export companies or multinational companies.

– Lecturer majoring in Business Administration at universities

College of Economics, Engineering and Technology not only focuses on specialized training, soft skills, but also focuses on learning along with practice. Students will have the opportunity to participate in internships and internships at domestic and foreign enterprises, meetings to share experiences of managers or propose ideas and projects. Thereby, you will better understand the industry you have chosen and have the opportunity to implement your ideas with the investment of managers. appreciate your ideas, from here help you confidently conquer your dream of becoming an administrator.