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* MANDATES – Advise and assist the Rector in management, planning and implementation of scientific research and experience initiatives. – Planning research, application and implementation, managing the progress of implementation, acceptance of scientific projects and scientific research topics of the University. – Coordinate with faculties and units in the University to plan and orient long-term […]
FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES OF FINANCE – ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT a. Function – Advise the Principal on the management of financial activities, asset value and accounting regime. – Implement centralized management and effective use of financial resources of the school in accordance with the current regulations of the State. b. Mission – Develop and implement annual financial […]
MANDATES a. Function Advise and take responsibility before the Board of Directors for the organization and management, organization and personnel work in accordance with the law and administrative work, synthesis and internal protection in the school. b. Mission – Proposing plans for planning, building and strengthening the whole machine, organizational structure, functions and tasks of […]
a. Function The Training Department has the function of advising and assisting the Principal, managing, organizing and implementing training activities in the school. b. Mission – Make a profile and register for vocational training activities according to the regulations of the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Hanoi. -Elaborate training plans, progress plans for […]