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Ecotex – a place to train potential young generations

During 15 years of construction and development, the College of Economics, Technical and Technology (Ecotex) has constantly strived to become reliable address, is the place to send dreams and beliefs of many generations of students. With an international vision, Ecotex always strives to train high-quality human resources to meet the requirements of society and the labor market.

Ecotex – where dreams and potentials originate

College of Economics, Technical and Technology was established on April 16, 2008 according to Decision No. 14/QD-LDTBXH of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, from the base of upgrading the Middle School. technical and technological professions. Since its establishment, Ecotex has set the goal of training high-quality human resources to meet the practical needs of domestic and foreign enterprises.

https://ecotex.edu.vn/ Mission of the College Technical and technological economics is to provide professional knowledge and help students develop comprehensively. With the goal of contributing to the construction and development of the country, Ecotex has implemented human resource training activities at all levels, from elementary, intermediate to  college. Moreover, Ecotex also focuses on advanced training in skills, foreign languages and soft skills. As a result, students have the ability to find jobs, create their own jobs or continue to study at a higher level.

Ecotex’s solid educational foundation

The school has 5 training faculties with 4 function rooms and 3 centers – institutes. In particular, Fast Link is a center specializing in foreign language training for students, students and working people. Fastlink applies a new training model smart learning – VRLA integrated in the digital age, using highly interactive thinking learning methods and a variety of materials to help students practice and hone 4 skills: Listening – speaking – reading – writing after every lesson in class. Fastlink Language Center has been selected as a partner of the English Council – British Council and ACET to register and organize exams right at Fastlink Language Center – Duong Noi – Ha Dong – Hanoi.

In order to maximize the supply of high-quality human resources with the trend of global integration, Ecotex has chosen to train the fields of tourism, hotel, foreign languages and food processing techniques. The majors that contribute to affirming the university’s prestige are Hotel Management, Tour Guide, and Food Processing Technology. In addition, the school also trains college and intermediate majors such as: English, hotel and restaurant operations, Asian and European baking techniques.

All school programs are built in both directions of training at school and at enterprises, helping students master skills as well as practical knowledge. Learning and working in a real environment also helps students to confidently and easily integrate when entering the labor market.

Ecotex also invests heavily in facilities and plans to expand the school at campus 1 in Thuong Tin to help students experience a modern, comfortable, international-standard learning environment. In addition, the school’s teaching staff are not only experienced and highly qualified, but also passionate about education. The school regularly organizes conferences, seminars, training sessions and improves teaching skills and professional knowledge for lecturers, collaborates with many lecturers at universities and colleges both at home and abroad. water to bring the best quality of training to students.

Stories of Ecotex students

With the quality of training confirmed over the years, the school has contributed to creating the future and success for many generations of students. Pham Thi Lai, a student of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, shared: “In the process of participating in studying and training at the school, I myself have learned in an environment of modern facilities and equipment, The faculty is highly qualified and dedicated to imparting knowledge to the students. All subjects have high practical application, easy to apply in future work”.

With Hong Nhung, a typical student of Hotel Management at Ecotex, she has achieved remarkable achievements after graduating. By thoroughly applying the knowledge learned from the dedicated teachers at the school, along with constantly improving and perfecting herself through real projects, Hong Nhung has become a hotel manager. talent. Currently, she is holding the position of executive manager of a famous 3-star hotel in Hanoi.

“Thank you for the learning environment at Ecotex for helping me learn, grow and assert myself”, Hong Nhung shared.

With a quality learning environment, dedicated teaching staff and practical training programs, Ecotex not only trains skilled professionals but also creates dynamic, bright Vietnamese young people. creation and talent. The success stories of Ecotex students are a clear testament to the quality of education at the school. Ecotex encourages students to discover and develop their passions, thereby creating proud achievements. Ecotex alumni have become excellent people in their fields and actively contribute to the development of society.

Contact Information

● Address:
1. Training facility No. 1: Km31+800 National Highway 1A, Minh Cuong – Thuong Tin, Hanoi.
2. Training facility No. 2: No. L28 – M02 series, zone A Duong Noi New Urban Area, Ha Dong, Hanoi.
● SĐT: 094 311 6845 ; (84-24) 6666 8518.
● Email: tuyensinh@ecotex.edu.vn.
● Website: https://ecotex.edu.vn/
● Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecotex.edu.vn