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Ecotex affirms its position as a high-quality practice college

GD&TD – College of Economics, Technical and Technology (Ecotex) has constantly invested, innovated and created to improve training quality.

Introduction to the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology- Ecotex

College of Economics, Engineering and Technology was born from upgrading the Vocational School of Engineering and Technology, established on April 16, 2008. With more than 15 years of operation, Ecotex College has established itself as a high-quality practice college with a dynamic, professional and creative environment, which is highly appreciated by businesses in the recruitment process.

College of Economics, Engineering and Technology always aims to bring the best learning and training environment to students. The school invests in modern facilities and advanced equipment, along with a team of experienced and enthusiastic lecturers. This ensures that Ecotex students have a strong foundation and are ready to meet the requirements of the increasingly demanding labor market.

Graduates from the College of Engineering and Technology Economics are recognized as those with solid knowledge, practical skills and the ability to work in teams. This has created favorable conditions for Ecotex students in finding jobs and developing careers after graduation.

Initially, the School focused on training short-term programs and meeting the needs of businesses. However, in the process of development, the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology has built and expanded the training system with 7 regular college majors, 7 intermediate majors, 4 elementary school majors. degree and 7 majors in college communication. The school offers a wide range of training areas, focusing on industries such as Engineering, Tourism, Hospitality, Cooking, Languages and many more.

At present, Ecotex College has a total of 35 lecturers, including 2 PhDs, 14 Masters and 3 Engineers. All teachers at the school are qualified in terms of professional and professional qualifications. Many lecturers have been trained and fostered abroad to improve their qualifications, and are qualified to teach high-quality programs in an international environment.

The teaching staff at Ecotex not only have solid professional knowledge, but also have a deep understanding of the industry and the development trends of that field. Being trained and fostered abroad has helped lecturers have a comprehensive view and update the latest knowledge in their field.

Ecotex invests heavily in corporate internships

Th.S Tran Thi Yen - Rector of the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology- Ecotex College

Ms. Tran Thi Yen – Rector of College of Economics, Engineering and Technology- Ecotex College

This is one of the important efforts of the school to bring the best practical experience and learning opportunities to students. With a clear awareness of the importance of internships in the learning process as well as student development, Ecotex has established close links with partner businesses and organizations.

Thereby, the school develops and implements many internship programs at businesses and organizations, helping students approach the reality of work and grasp the necessary skills in the industry. Ecotex’s corporate internship program is designed according to the model of interactive cooperation between schools and businesses. Students will have the opportunity to participate in companies, organizations and factories to directly carry out real work and projects.

A special feature of the internship program at Ecotex is the dedication and support of the teaching staff. Instructors will always ensure that students are guided and supported throughout the internship, from choosing the right business to monitoring and evaluating results.

The Rector of the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology, Th.S. Tran Thi Yen shared: “During the internship at enterprises, the University always had lecturers to follow up to support, Guide them to complete the internship. Ecotex has been trying to create the most favorable conditions for students to hone their skills as well as gain practical experience, thereby contributing to improving competitiveness and success in their future careers. .

Each corporate internship not only benefits students, but also brings a lot of value to businesses. Thereby, businesses have the opportunity to recruit and train young, dynamic and potential talents. At the same time, businesses will have access to creative ideas and new working methods from students, contributing to the development and innovation process of the organization.

Ecotex’s investment in the corporate internship program is a clear demonstration of the university’s commitment to training high-quality human resources and developing talent for society.

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