During its 15-year development journey, the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology (Ecotex) has constantly strived to improve training quality, meeting the strict human resource needs of society. To realize its efforts and provide maximum support to students in their career pursuits, the School has officially signed a cooperation agreement with today’s leading 5-star hotels. This is a milestone for Ecotex in its journey to affirm its position and determine the School’s efforts in training human resources for the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Above all, this cooperation also creates better conditions for students to have the opportunity to practice and gain knowledge in a professional environment.

Tourism – Hospitality has become a key training industry at Ecotex

Along with the comprehensive development of the country, especially the process of strong economic integration of Vietnam with the world, education and training are facing great opportunities and challenges with important tasks. important. The top goal is to train human resources with outstanding quality, understanding and meeting strict requirements, especially in the field of Tourism and Hospitality.

Ecotex College is highly appreciated as one of the branded colleges, bearing its own mark in the field of training in the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Here, students will be equipped with extensive professional knowledge, along with the necessary practical skills to confidently work in challenging environments. The important mission of the School is not only to impart knowledge but also to stimulate the spirit of creativity, flexible thinking and innovation. These qualities are the key to helping students not only adapt to changes, but also promote development, even creating new trends in the tourism and hospitality industry. Ecotex students studying this major will be trained with an international standard curriculum that is close to reality; Ready to develop a dynamic, professional career with ideal income.

Ecotex cooperates with 5-star hotels

With a focus on training quality and long-term vision, the College of Engineering Economics and Technology has been making efforts to create cooperation opportunities with businesses and major partners. Cooperation with leading 5-star hotels such as Intercontinental Hanoi Landmark 72 Hotel, Novotel Hanoi Thai Ha Hotel, Novotel Hanoi Suites Hotel, Hanoi Opera Hotel, and Hotel de l’Opera Hanoi not only creates conditions for students to practice and practice skills, but also marks the School’s focus and interest in connecting between teaching and practice.

Ecotex ký kết hợp tác với khách sạn Hotel de l'Opera Hanoi

As an industry that is recovering strongly after Covid, it cannot be denied that Tourism – Hospitality is increasingly requiring human resources with in-depth knowledge and high practical skills. Through cooperation with 5-star hotels, Ecotex students will have the opportunity to participate in internship programs at prestigious hotels, thereby accumulating more experience, practicing communication and working skills. work in a professional environment. This not only helps you be more confident when entering the labor market but also creates opportunities to get acquainted with actual work processes. In the cooperation agreements between Ecotex and 5-star hotels in Hanoi, the School commits to introducing and providing quality human resources to meet the actual needs of businesses; On the business side, priority will be given to recruiting, receiving interns, training skills and expertise, and developing working human resources.

Ecotex ký kết hợp tác với khách sạn Intercontinental hà nội

In particular, according to the content of the memorandum signed with Intercontinental HaNoi Landmark 72 Hotel, Ecotex students are allowed to intern for at least 3 months at the Intercontinental hotel chain, are provided with uniforms, meal support and insurance. work as official employees. During the internship, students will receive specific, regular professional training and guidance from a qualified Manager/supervisor. In addition, students can work in many different departments within the corporation, giving them the opportunity to interact with the actual requirements of the industry. Experiencing a classy, professional working environment in a luxurious space, having the opportunity to interact with new people and cultures right from when you were a student is considered one of the key points of the training strategy. create Hotel Management major at Ecotex.

Through cooperation programs, Ecotex students will gain hands-on experience and learn more experience at the leading hotel chains in Vietnam and the region. Thereby, increasing your opportunities to work at these 5-star hotels.

Khách sạn Intercontinental hà nội

Master Tran Thi Yen – Principal of the College of Engineering Economics and Technology shared: “Ecotex has constantly updated new creative models and practical experiences in a pioneering, modern curriculum.” international level, supporting students in accessing the reality of the Tourism and Hospitality industry. Cooperation with leading 5-star hotels is a clear demonstration of the school’s determination to develop in the coming time. Along with the focus on quality education, Ecotex is providing the right direction for student success and the sustainable development of the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Vietnam.”

Source: Cafedautu