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Fastlink Language Center
Fast Link Language Center is a center specializing in English training according to 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing comprehensively for all students studying at the center, focusing mainly on the target audience. are students at all levels and working people.

1. Common goal

Fast lick language center will become one of the leading prestigious foreign language centers in Ha Dong district and Hanoi in the field of foreign language training at all levels. Contributing to the completion of the national target program on teaching and learning foreign languages.

2. Specific goals

– After each course, all students will complete the objectives of each course and master foreign language skills.
– Support foreign language teaching activities for all preschools and primary schools in Duong Noi ward and surrounding area.
– Every year foreign language training at all levels for 1000 students.
– Improve the system of facilities for teaching in the direction of modern standards.
– Build and put into use the online English learning application FL-book
– Attracting a team of native teachers with professional qualifications and good teaching skills.