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Financial Accounting


a. Function

– Advise the Principal on the management of financial activities, asset value and accounting regime.

– Implement centralized management and effective use of financial resources of the school in accordance with the current regulations of the State.

b. Mission

– Develop and implement annual financial revenue and expenditure plans.

– Make estimates, organize accounting work, report on settlement of funding sources and self-created funds like the school’s annual socialization program as prescribed.

– Urging relevant units to properly, fully and promptly collect tuition fees and fees from students; revenues and obligations of units under the school that have financial collection and expenditure activities, revenues and obligations of officials and teachers. Advise the Board of Directors in increasing the school’s revenue.

– Presiding over the development and proposal to amend and supplement internal spending regulations and income distribution plans of the university.

– To pay salaries, allowances and other regimes for officials, public employees and contract workers; pay scholarships, allowances for students, students and all other expenses for study, teaching, scientific research, construction of facilities, repair and purchase of equipment school in accordance with current regulations.

– Guiding the accounting regime, disseminating the State’s documents on financial management, organizing the financial inspection of units engaged in financial revenue and expenditure activities and using the state budget. .

– Coordinating with relevant functional units to organize the effective and economical implementation of the school’s financial resources and assets. Manage revenue and expenditure for non-business activities, centers, service activities and other revenues of the university in accordance with internal spending regulations.

– Coordinate with relevant units in the formulation of investment projects, design, construction, supervision and handover of construction works – procurement projects according to current regulations. onion.

– Perform the work of summarizing and reporting on financial activities according to the current accounting regime. Preserve and archive accounting documents according to regulations.

– Manage assets, periodically depreciate assets according to regulations. Participating in inventory, summarizing, reporting on inventory results, proposing handling of excess and missing results after inventory.

– Set up the monthly work program of the department and organize the implementation of the work according to the monthly work plan of the school, coordinate with the units of the school to carry out the arising tasks.

– Effectively manage and use human resources, facilities and assigned means and equipment.

– Proposing implementation solutions to develop the School.

– Perform other duties as assigned by the principal