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Import-Export Business (Logistics)

1. What is Import-Export Business?

The Import-Export Business branch trains employees who specialize in developing import-export business plans; participate in the negotiation, drafting and performance of export and import contracts; participate in the implementation of logistics activities in terms of transportation, forwarding, insurance and logistics; carry out customs declaration and payment procedures for export and import shipments.

According to the forecast of the Institute of Development Strategy, the National Center for Socio-Economic Information and Forecasting (Ministry of Planning and Investment), in Ho Chi Minh City alone, in the period of 2015-2020, human resource demand Import-Export – Logistics groups will still have a shortage of up to 80% of the demand for trained workers, about 25,000 job positions/year. Therefore, students studying Import-Export Business have great opportunities to find jobs and have an attractive income.

2. Qualities suitable for import-export business?

An import-export specialist is a person who works directly with customs, warehouses, customers, transporters…  Therefore, in order to pursue and succeed in work, learners must have some qualities such as being fast. agile, flexible, good communication skills, carefulness and high sense of responsibility, able to work under pressure… Besides, due to the specificity of the industry, learners need to cultivate and improve their abilities English and informatics.

3. Studying Import-Export Business at the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology?

Studying Import-Export Business at the College of Economics, Technical and Technology, learners are equipped with basic and advanced knowledge about international trade transactions; logistics services, transportation and insurance of import and export goods; customs operations; international payment and credit… Besides, Import-Export Business also equips learners with negotiation skills, negotiating and solving business situations; especially computer skills and foreign languages.

4. What to do, where to study Import-Export Business?

After graduating, students majoring in Import-Export Business can take on many positions at import-export businesses and other service businesses such as forwarding, transportation and service companies. logistics services, shipping lines, banks, customs, insurance and ports… Suitable job positions are drafters of import and export contracts, employees of import and export contracts, customs declarants, forwarding staff, document staff, international payment staff, freight and logistics sales staff.
Besides, you can also work at shipping lines; banks, customs, insurance and ports