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Marketing industry

In business, Marketing is an indispensable activity for product development and brand positioning. Marketing is known to include all consumer-oriented activities with the goal of becoming a strong bridge between businesses and customers.

It can be said that this is a subject that is always interested by many candidates and registers for exams and admissions every year, but what do you do after studying Marketing? and what are the opportunities for advancement in this industry in the future? This is a question that learners need to understand thoroughly to ensure future career opportunities.
What to do after studying Marketing?

In the integrated economy, investment and production are increasingly fiercely competitive, each business needs to own its own talents in the field of Marketing to assert and maintain a foothold in the business market. Since then, “Marketing” has attracted more and more young people interested in studying.
After graduation, Marketing learners will be able to take on positions from specialists to managers in the departments, able to compete in the following positions:

– Experts at companies operating in the field of Marketing;

– Market research specialist;

– Customer care specialist, public relations;

– Brand development and management specialist;

– Teaching and researching on Marketing Management, Marketing….

Where to study Marketing?

Studying Marketing, after graduating you can work at:

Enterprises operate with different types such as joint venture, association, limited liability company; multinational companies and corporations;

– Advertising agencies (Advertising agencies);

– Media agency (Media agency);

– Market research agency (Market research agency);

– Universities, colleges, and professional schools with marketing training…

Besides knowing what to do after studying Marketing, in addition to professional knowledge, soft skills, etc., the foreign language factor also contributes significantly to attracting employers. Therefore, in order to have a solid career foundation, candidates need to choose the right training school to ensure the best career opportunities when they graduate.
To quickly become a professional marketer requires you to choose a reputable training program.

Coming to the College of Economics, Technical and Technology, in addition to being equipped with industry knowledge and soft skills, the school also enhances English training. In addition, in the curriculum, the school also focuses on applying a practical training model, students have the opportunity to access the real business environment through internships and internships at enterprises. Karma. Not only that, the sharing from businessmen, leading experts in the economic field from seminars, career orientation or business projects you conduct yourself will help students have a comprehensive and extensive view of the profession, confidently conquer the peak of the profession.