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Organization and Administration


a. Function

Advise and take responsibility before the Board of Directors for the organization and management, organization and personnel work in accordance with the law and administrative work, synthesis and internal protection in the school.

b. Mission

– Proposing plans for planning, building and strengthening the whole machine, organizational structure, functions and tasks of the units, the relationship between the units in the university.

– Planning staffing needs, being the focal point in organizing the recruitment process of high-quality lecturers.

– Presiding over, coordinating with units to organize the implementation of planning, training, retraining and development of staff and lecturers of the university.

– Advise the Board of Directors in the appointment, dismissal, rotation and mobilization of staff in the school.

– Implement and monitor the emulation and commendation work for officials and lecturers in the school.

– Implement the settlement of regimes and policies for officers and employees such as: Salary, allowances, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment and other policies.

– Coordinate with inspectors, settle complaints, denunciations and recommendations related to officers and employees

– Monitor and manage records of officers, lecturers and employees.

– Coordinating with functional units in formulating, adjusting, supplementing and promulgating regulations, rules and working regulations in the school.

– Perform general, administrative work, organize printing and photocopying of documents for the school’s office work.

– Perform clerical and archival work in accordance with regulations.

– Perform reception duties, events in meetings, conferences, seminars assigned by the Organization – Administration Department as the focal point.

– Manage meeting rooms, working rooms of the Board of Directors, living rooms and common rooms in the campus.

– Procurement and direct management of equipment and office supplies for office work in the school (except for phone and internet systems).

– Organize reception, guide guests to work with the University.

– Manage, maneuver and use the school’s cars.

– Manage and implement the protection of internal politics, security and order in the school.

– Management of environmental sanitation.

– Effectively manage and use labor, facilities and equipment assigned to the Department.

– Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors