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Output standards for college degree in marketing


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Sector code: 6340116
(Issued together with Decision No. 28/2021/QD-CDKTCN dated June 18, 2021
of the Rector of the College of Economics, Engineering and Technology)


1. General introduction about industries and professions

– Training learners at the marketing college level, with sufficient knowledge and skills to plan, organize, and implement marketing strategies and plans in general as well as in-depth skills in building and organizing practice. implementing and managing marketing activities in particular, building and developing brands in enterprises of all economic sectors; have professional ethics and conscience, have a cooperative attitude with colleagues, respect the laws and regulations at work, have good health, and have the ability to study and rise up, meet the requirements social economic development.

– The content of the training program includes basic knowledge and skills in sales management, marketing management, distribution channel management, supply chain management, market research, customer care and management. customer relationship management, marketing operations and other marketing issues.

– In addition, learners are also equipped with basic knowledge and skills in informatics, law, English, political education, physical education, defense & security education.

2. Knowledge:

– Understand the basic knowledge related to the market and business in the market economy;

– Recognizing the movement of the market and analyzing the impact of environmental factors on the marketing activities of the business;

– Analyzing consumer behavior and predicting customer reactions affecting marketing policies of enterprises;

– Understand and present the strategic marketing objectives of the business;

– Analyzing and establishing target markets for businesses and distinguishing marketing strategies for different customer groups;

– Understand the process of planning programs: communication, advertising, marketing, brand promotion, … of the business;

– Demonstrate basic knowledge of communication skills and customer care skills in the process of marketing activities.

3. Skills:

– Develop short, medium and long term marketing strategies;

– Planning and organizing the implementation of programs: Communication, public relations, advertising, marketing, brand promotion…;

– Prepare budget estimates for marketing activities of the business;

– Select human resources and organize training programs for the marketing team for marketing activities of the enterprise;

– Establish distribution channels for offers, sales and propose methods to improve products and services;

– Implement electronic marketing activities in business activities;

– Evaluate the marketing activities of the business and give reasonable advice to business leaders;

– Being able to use common traditional tools suitable to the development of science and technology applied in marketing;

– Detect marketing problems that affect the marketing activities of the business and solve them independently, or in groups within the scope of responsibility; Autonomy and responsibility:

4. Degree of autonomy and responsibility

– Working independently or in a team, solving complex problems and problems in changing working conditions;

– Guide and supervise others to perform defined tasks; individual responsibility and responsibility towards the group;

– Evaluate the quality of work after completion and the performance results of team members.

5. Job position after graduation:

After graduating from a college degree in marketing, students can do some of the following positions:

– Marketing staff, sales staff, customer service and management staff, public relations staff, communication staff, sales staff, professional advertising staff and staff marketing;

– Sales staff, marketing staff in enterprises, economic organizations, social organizations;

– Team leader in charge of marketing and in charge of sales team;

– Starting a small and medium business.

6. Ability to learn and improve skills

– Minimum amount of knowledge, capacity requirements that learners must achieve after graduating from Marketing majors, college degrees can continue to develop at higher levels;

– Graduates have the ability to self-study, self-updating scientific and technological advances within the industry or profession in order to improve their qualifications or study continuously to a higher level in the same industry, profession or in a group. industry, profession or in the same field of training