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Quality Assurance Department & Scientific Management


– Advise and assist the Rector in management, planning and implementation of scientific research and experience initiatives.

– Planning research, application and implementation, managing the progress of implementation, acceptance of scientific projects and scientific research topics of the University.

– Coordinate with faculties and units in the University to plan and orient long-term scientific research work and in each academic year, determine the feasibility, advise the Rector to allocate investment funds. for effective scientific research.

– Organizing, directing, managing and proposing the implementation of scientific research plans, progress and contents. Summarize and report on scientific research each semester. Consulting on sourcing and supplementing equipment to enhance scientific research activities and transfer scientific research results into practice.

– Coordinating with relevant units to organize seminars, summaries, and timely reward for staff – teachers – staff, students and students with good achievements in scientific research.

– Organize the collection of scientific information, develop and manage the compilation and publication of internal journals and magazines as learning materials and reference books for teaching work.

– Actively coordinate with relevant units in scientific research cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, learn and select effective projects, programs and partners to submit to the Rector for approval. .