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Should you study Marketing & Digital Marketing


Marketing is sales promotion activities, building image, brand of a product or a group of products, goods and services. Meanwhile, Digital Marketing is marketing activities carried out on digital platforms and carried out on the internet. Therefore, Enterprises will approach customers through electronic information channels such as Email, Website, social networks…etc. Through these digital platforms, Marketing professionals will build Marketing campaigns to sell, promote products and strengthen the brand image for Enterprises.


You will be fully equipped with knowledge as a “Marketer” and practice practical Marketing campaigns with affiliated businesses of the University.

The main components of the training major, include:

– Basic marketing.

– Marketing Mix 4P.

– Marketing Mix 7P.

– Create Marketing campaign.

– Digital marketing on social networking platforms such as Zalo, Facebook, Google, Tiktok.


Marketing is one of the “TOP” 10 most promising professions in Vietnam today. The recruitment demand of this industry is up to 10,000 people/year.

Therefore, the field of Marketing is very attractive to young people when choosing a career.
You are selected to work for businesses operating professionally in the field of Marketing such as: Media service companies, Marketing advertising, product development or normal production and business enterprises below. :

1. Company specializing in Advertising and Marketing

Specific position and job here:

– Planner:

Planners are responsible for planning marketing communication campaigns for clients. They are the ones who hold the “brain” role in each campaign.

Their main job is to study customer behavior, research the market, research competitors, come up with solution plans to help customers achieve the goals set by them.

– Advertising Content Editor (Copywriter and Content Creator):
These are positions that work mainly with words, they are the ones who select and use language to make the content of marketing campaigns including slogans, titles, catalogs, taglines…

– Designer (Designer):

They are the ones who turn the ideas of copywriters and content creators into images, videos, movies, gifs… in the most intuitive way. Designers need to have good visual thinking and be able to use design software. This is a job that requires creativity and high aesthetic taste.

–  Campaign Management (Account):

In this position, you will be responsible for the connection between the agency and the client. They are the ones who search for potential customers, negotiate and sign contracts, receive information and requests from clients, create relationships with customers, and act as liaisons between the client and the agency’s production team.

2. Companies and enterprises doing business in the market

You will be recruited by companies to work in Marketing departments of companies and organizations. You are marketing to only the organization you are working for instead of marketing to many organizations.
Specific position and job here:

–  Marketing Staff/Assistant:

This position performs a variety of marketing tasks including doing market research, assisting in the development of marketing plans, performing specific tasks in the marketing plan, assisting with other tasks within marketing room.

– Staff / Market research specialist:
The job of market research staff is to learn, collect and research information about the organization’s customers, analyze competitors. The information they provide is of great value in planning marketing communications.

– Public relations officer:

You will be responsible for promoting, connecting activities and producing events for the company to strengthen the image and brand of the company.

3. You work independently as a “Marketer”

This is a fairly common job trend today when digital-based tools and social networks have grown tremendously, you are equipped with digital marketing knowledge and can work independently as one ” Marketer) on the market.

–  Implement SEO services – Search Engine Optimization:
When looking for information about a product, most of us will look up information on search engines such as Google, Coc Coc or any other available platform. For example: You need to find a school that trains in Marketing, you type the keyword: “Marketing course” and you can get 1 million search results, your task is to bring your website/product to the top of the search results. sword.

– Email Marketing:

Email marketing is also an important part of the field of digital marketing. Email marketing is often considered a channel to support other communication activities of the business/product. This is a fairly direct and effective way to spread information if the content is right for the right audience.
Email marketing involves tasks such as content creation, newsletter design, audience research, etc.

– Professional Advertiser:

Advertising is one of the big areas of Digital Marketing. Each website or social network account can become a “Platform” to advertise products. One of the most used Platforms today can be mentioned Zalo, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Advertising on television transceivers…etc.

Ecotex College has the strength of training in the field of economics, in which Marketing & Digital Marketing is one of the majors chosen by many young people in recent years.