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Travel Guide Industry
In the face of a sudden increase in human resource demand in recent years, many people come to the tour guide profession not only to look for job opportunities but above all to satisfy their passion for conquering new lands, sharing new experiences with tourists. new discoveries.
Tour guide is a person who holds a tour guide card; perform the reception, organize tourism activities according to the program that tourism enterprises sell to customers. They are both the person serving tourists and planning and organizing the program so that it is accurate, reasonable and lively. It can be said that the tour guide is the soul of the tourism product, one of the important factors determining the success or failure of a tourism program. For tourists, a guide is a person who provides information, serves, organizes programs and is a companion and protector of tourists.

Sustainable development profession
Tour guide is ranked in the Top professions with sustainable development, long-term, promising in the future.

According to the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, in recent years, the tourism industry is still keeping a hot growth rate. Tourism and travel management, hotel management, restaurant management, tour guide and food service offer attractive career opportunities and dynamic international working environment. The group of tourism – hotel – restaurant services is growing at a fast pace and offers many career opportunities as well as a dynamic working environment for young people.

According to forecasts of economic and human resource experts, in the coming years, the demand for this industry group in Vietnam will continue to increase according to the general development of the world and contribute more than 40% of GDP. The above figures show that the strength and potential of the Tourism – Restaurant and Hotel industry in Vietnam is currently extremely large, leading to a huge labor market with an attractive average income. , especially for active young people.