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Vocational training is easier to get a job than university
Mr. Cao Van Sam, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Vocational Training, said that the increasing percentage of students choosing only graduation exam shows that there has been a change in career guidance thinking. Practice has proven that vocational training is easier to get a job, even higher income than university.

High-level welding profession has high income. Photo: Phong Cam.

The perception of the profession is changing
According to a survey by the Departments of Education and Training, this year, many localities and schools have a relatively high percentage of candidates registering for graduation only compared to the 2015 national high school exam. There are localities such as Ha Giang, Hoa Binh… the number of students registered for the local cluster exam accounts for more than 70%. In addition, localities such as Yen Bai, Bac Kan, Dien Bien … also have the number of students registering for exams just to consider graduation, accounting for about 55%. Similarly, Kon Tum has 35% of candidates taking the exam just for graduation.

Not only the mountainous provinces, Hanoi this year, the percentage of candidates registered for the local cluster exam also increased significantly. Specifically, this year, out of a total of 66,006 candidates, 14,716 candidates took the exam just for graduation. While in 2015, there were about 84,000 candidates taking the exam, the number of candidates taking the exam only to consider graduation was 11,000. Mr. Ngo Van Chat, Head of Examination Management and Quality Accreditation Department of Hanoi Department of Education and Training said: “There are many schools with a higher rate of students registering for local cluster exams than 70% such as Anhxtanh High School, Mac Dinh Chi High School 90. %”.

According to Mr. Quach Van Son, principal of Sao Bay High School, Kim Boi district (Hoa Binh), this year 90% of students registered for the national high school exam just to graduate. The high unemployment rate of bachelors has had a great impact on student psychology. According to Mr. Son, it is only the job of teachers who have been applying for a job for many years to be able to teach under contracts and receive low salaries, which also makes students falter.

Tran Van Hai, a student at Ky Anh High School (Ha Tinh) this year decided to only register for the graduation exam, even though Hai’s academic performance is good in the class. Sharing the reason, Hai said: “Many people who graduate from university are still unemployed, so I will go to vocational training or export labor”. Hai said, her sister had to take the exam until the 3rd year to pass the Hue University of Education, Faculty of History. Graduating in 2012, unemployed at home for 2 years, now she has opened a fashion store in town to earn a living.

Apprenticeship, 70% have a job work now

Mr. Cao Van Sam, Deputy Director General of the General Department of Vocational Training, said that the high percentage of students choosing to take the graduation exam is a very clear trend that shows that it is practice that guides them in their careers. Because of low-cost vocational training, students are supported by 50% of the cost, they can immediately get a job after graduating. According to the statistics of the General Department of Vocational Training, nationwide, 70% of trainees and graduates have jobs immediately, including jobs and schools that guarantee 100% of jobs. There are hot industries, businesses recruit right away while sitting in school. “When going to survey in industrial zones, there are occupations currently earning 100 million VND/month such as 6G high-level welder,” said Mr. Sam.

Mr. Sam said that vocational training has more and more advantages because the job market share for apprentices is increasing. Enterprises are increasingly using modern management and production technology, so the indirect labor force only accounts for 5-6%, the rest is trained workers. Not to mention, integrating into ASEAN, those with vocational training have the opportunity to work for many other countries with an attractive salary of thousands of dollars. Mr. Sam also said that, once they have skills, students have more avenues to make a career. For example, if you don’t work for businesses, a welder, barber, manicurist… can open your own salon. When you have a bit of capital, want to learn to improve your skills, you can easily continue to study at a vocational college or university.

The General Department of Vocational Training further informed that in recent years, the vocational school system has been invested by the state to turn each vocational school into a production factory. Along with the policy of linking with businesses, when learning a job, students mainly learn to practice skills, so when they graduate, most of them have mastered the profession and are easy to adapt to work. The sad thing is that although vocational schools are invested, in previous years, students still chased the race to university, so many vocational schools had to “cover the mat”.

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