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In business, Marketing is an indispensable activity for product development and brand positioning. Marketing is known to include all consumer-oriented activities with the goal of becoming a strong bridge between businesses and customers. It can be said that this is a subject that is always interested by many candidates and registers for exams and admissions […]
1. What is Import-Export Business? The Import-Export Business branch trains employees who specialize in developing import-export business plans; participate in the negotiation, drafting and performance of export and import contracts; participate in the implementation of logistics activities in terms of transportation, forwarding, insurance and logistics; carry out customs declaration and payment procedures for export and […]
What is Business Administration? Business Administration is an integrated discipline that includes many basic subjects of “administration” and “business”. In other words, when you register for this industry, you will be fully trained with basic knowledge in the economic sector such as finance, accounting, human resources to business and marketing strategies. In parallel with the […]
1. Professional knowledge and skills Apply the knowledge learned to build menus for guests. – Perform the work of kitchen staff (processors) in restaurants, hotels and other food processing establishments. – Process Vietnamese dishes, European and Asian dishes. – Decorate and present dishes. – Handle some basic technical situations in the process of food processing, […]
Hotel Management is a discipline that manages and organizes hotel activities efficiently and rationally. The manager must make financial results reports, receipts – expenditures; Set up rules in personnel management, manage the ratio of rooms sold out and vacancy rates, manage food processing… The objective of the Hotel Management major is to train students with […]
What is accounting? Accounting is the work of recording, receiving, processing and providing information about the financial performance of an organization, an enterprise, a state agency, a private business establishment.. This is an important part in the field of economic management. From management at the scope of each unit, agency, enterprise to management at the whole […]
In the face of a sudden increase in human resource demand in recent years, many people come to the tour guide profession not only to look for job opportunities but above all to satisfy their passion for conquering new lands, sharing new experiences with tourists. new discoveries. Tour guide is a person who holds a […]
In the process of choosing a major, you must have heard someone advise against choosing English because this industry only helps improve English ability (soft skills) but not professional knowledge (hard skills). ) like other specific industries. Because of this point of view, English Language is always considered a “useless” field of study, although everyone […]